Get To Know GSCP

Find out more about GSCP, our vision, and meet our excellent team.

About Us

The company was founded in 2017 by Peter Ludvigsen, the CEO of Bestshore Business Solutions. We have a network of experts and specialists in the fields of Shipping and Logistics, Modelling and Optimization, and IT Solutions.

​Thinking out of the box is our normal modus operandi. With the help of disruptive technologies we strive to deliver significant benefits to our Customers business models.

We look for challenges that have been inhibiting business and how emerging technologies can bring new opportunities to offer solutions to these challenges.

Our team design solutions that improve your business performance by automating processes.

Our Vision

We develop a more efficient way to manage the supply chain lifecycle and reduce costs and the environmental footprint.

​We want to help industry stakeholders capture all the benefits that digitization offers  by exploiting the potential of emerging technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, Cloud computing and new generation tracking devices.

The GSCP platform will facilitate the sharing of containers between industry stakeholders by creating real-time transparency of container status and location.

It will improve container utilization and reduce idle positioning, thus providing new cost-saving opportunities and reducing CO2 and NOx emissions.

Meet Our Team

We have built up an incredibly strong team of highly competent people with either long experience in key positions in the container shipping industry or with expert knowledge and genuine hands on experience about blockchain technology or smart sensor technology and the use of IoT in a shipping context.

Peter Ludvigsen

CEO & Founder

Peter founded Blockshipping ApS in 2017. He has a strong background spanning more than three decades at Maersk Line, UASC, INTTRA and other leading companies in the ocean shipping and ports industry.

Jesper Vedelsby


Jesper has senior executive experience as CIO, Enterprise Architect and senior project manager across continents - with container terminals, shipping lines, airports and telecommunications companies among clients.

David Green

Business Development Director

David has 40 years of I.T. experience, working for both I.T. Service Providers (such as IBM, and an IBM Business Partner) and at Senior Level of internal I.T. departments. He has worked in the UK, South Africa, Belgium and most recently for a large Shipping Line in Dubai.

Michele Lioy

Social Media Manager

Michele is a Master's student in Brand and Communication Management at CBS. He is from Italy, where he obtained his Bachelor in International Management from Bocconi University. He holds interest in marketing and brand management in an international environment.